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Did you know? One single negative review can be a deal-breaker, while one single positive review can convert a visitor into a customer.
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Our Amazon Verified reviews service is backed by our 100% Money-back guarantee.

When you purchase our Premium Reviews, our experts are going to provide a service with unmatched results. We will provide reviews that are relevant to your business and absolutely indistinguishable from real ones. Read more about our refund policy.

Amazon Verified reviews

Amazon Photo/Video verified reviews

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    In order to write verified reviews, real buyers are going to purchase your product. For this reason, you will be charged for the reviews costs + the product costs upfront. The amount you see above is going to return to you as real Amazon sales, minus fees (Amazon's + 8%).

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You can count on us for Amazon Verified reviews.

The product’s price that was paid upfront will return as actual sales on your Amazon product. This service is great to increase your sales and product visibility in search results, other than improving your online reputation and conversion rates.

You will need to ship the product(s) as you will receive real sales from real customers.

If you are looking to mix your Amazon reviews in the most natural and efficient way, consider purchasing our Amazon Ratings, our Amazon Verified Photo/Video reviews or find out about the Amazon MOAB package.

Why you need Amazon Verified reviews and why they matter for your business

91% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as friends and family.

According to a study, more than 9 people out of 10 trust reviews as much as they trust their family suggestions. This staggering number tells us how critical reviews are for one’s business and how much they can influence sales. [Source]

🔗 Read more about positive review benefits or 🔗 read more positive review statistics.

52% of shoppers will not purchase if the business has less than a 4 star rating.

As you probably already know, one single negative review can be devastating for a business. Especially when the company only has a few reviews. For this reason, you should consider purchasing positive reviews.

If you are still doubting, a study shows how one single positive review can lift conversions by over 10%. Just imagine what 20, 50 or 100 reviews would do. [Source]

Why our Amazon Verified reviews are safer and better than others

Our Amazon Verified reviews are published from real profiles.

Our reviews are posted from high-quality, realistic profiles with real names. Even under closer inspection, no one will be able to tell you are purchasing fake online reviews. We strive to provide a clean service that passes any check.

The main risk associated with buying positive reviews is that they may be detected as forgeries and therefore would be removed. We have adopted multiple precautions to ensure the risks are marginal. For obvious reasons, we can not disclose these measures publicly.

🔗 Read more about risks.

Unique and realistic Amazon Verified reviews only.

Our Premium Reviews vary in length, writing style and context to ensure they are perceived to have been written by individual customers. To achieve this, we write using different tones, punctuation and grammar between each review.

These tones and styles are tuned according to your customer base, taking into consideration your average customer profile and previous customers/reviews. Optionally, you can include specific instructions regarding the reviews’ tone and style.

🔗 Read more about Premium Reviews.

Quality, above and beyond.

As an additional step, some reviews may contain minor typos, errors, neutral comments and other specific characteristics that we can not disclose publicly. These measures are taken while retaining maximum readability.

We guarantee to provide natural, authentic-looking reviews that are indistinguishable from your genuine ones. In order to achieve this, we are going to ensure every single review is able to pass any manual and automatic check you may encounter.

🔗 Read more about safety concerns.

Difference between Premium Amazon Verified reviews and Standard Reviews

Standard Reviews


When purchasing Standard Reviews, you will need to write and provide your own reviews.


Premium Reviews ⭐

When purchasing Premium Reviews, one of our copywriters will do a detailed research about your company and your products.

The assigned copywriter will then create reviews that are relevant to your business and your best selling products.

Upon request, we can create reviews that explicitly mention the targeted products you specify. Read more about special requests.

"Obsess about customers,
not competitors."

Jeff Bezos (Amazon's founder)

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