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Did you know? On average, the purchase likelihood for a product that has 5 star reviews is over 270% greater than a product with no reviews.
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Get rid of your violations suspensions permanent bans and get back on track.

We offer a wide range of unban services.

  • eBay Suspension Removal
    eBay Suspension Removal
  • Facebook Verification
    Facebook Restoration
  • Instagram Restoration
    Instagram Restoration
  • Twitter Restoration
    Twitter Restoration
  • TikTok Restoration
    TikTok Restoration
  • Google My Business Restoration
    Google My Business Restoration
  • Amazon Suspension & Violation Removal
    Amazon Suspension & Violation Removal
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"Have a healthy disregard for the impossible."

Larry Page (Google's founder)

Some unbelievable statistics about social media.

More than half of the world population uses one or more social media websites.

4.70 billion people around the world use social media.

According to DataReportal's 2022 Global Statshot Report, nearly 6 people out of 10 use at least one social media website. The average daily time spent by each person on social media is 2 hours and 29 minutes. [Source]

Social media websites took over the entire world.

While the date about visited websites and daily time spent on social media varies among countries, all the world agrees on one simple fact: nearly everybody uses social media for a way or another.

The Bottom Line: Social media + People = $$$

Whether you are a business owner, an artist or a digital marketer, social media can expand your reach and bring sales from all around the world. Both ads and normal posts are incredible tools to reach your audience.

75% of internet users use social media to research brands and products.

[Source: Oberlo]

In a month, the average user will visit over 7 social media platforms.

[Source: Hootsuite]

90% of social media users follow at least one business page.

[Source: Instagram]

66% of Facebook users visit a local business page at least once a week.

[Source: Facebook]

Bolt was the first social network. It was launched in 1996, 8 years before Facebook.

[Source: Wikipedia]

Out of all the social networks, people spend the most time on YouTube and TikTok.

[Source: Hootsuite]

The number of TikTok users in the US is expected to reach 90 million by 2023.

[Source: Statista]

Customers could spend 31% more on a business with great reviews.

[Source: Martech Zone]

One of the fastest growing industries.

More than half a billion new users per year.

Back in 2015, there were "only" two billion users – that’s an overall increase in users of 115.59% in just 6 years. During the last years, we have seen a 13%+ yearly growth that is not planning to stop anytime soon. [Source]

Social media bans are shockingly common.

According to Wired, Twitter suspended roughly 925,000 accounts in the first half of 2020 alone. Unsurprisingly, thousands of social media accounts are being suspended everyday. Most of suspensions are done manually. [Source]

The Bottom Line: you can reach the world through social media

With a market as broad as the ocean, social networks are the perfect place for both individuals and companies to promote themselves and reach the world. In less than twenty years, the rules of the game have completely changed.

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Ormosis - Guerrilla Marketing & Online Reputation Management
Ormosis – Guerrilla Marketing & Online Reputation Management