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Did you know? One single negative review can be a deal-breaker, while one single positive review can convert a visitor into a customer.
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    Amazon Customer Questions
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    Amazon Customer Questions Upvotes
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  • Amazon Photo/Video verified reviews
    Amazon Photo/Video verified reviews
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"What’s dangerous is not to evolve."

Jeff Bezos (Amazon's founder)

Some mind-blowing Amazon statistics.

Over 300 million active users.

Y Axis Value: Yearly sales

The Y Axis value represents the total sales on Amazon, expressed in billions. Among 300 million active users, over 2 millions are third-party sellers. Majority of users are from United States.

X Axis Value: Year

The X Axis value represents the year. Lately, Amazon saw at least a 20% yearly growth, that reached a peak of 40% in 2020. Amazon is the first biggest ecommerce marketplace in the United States.

The Bottom Line: Amazon is ever-growing

With more users coming every day, Amazon is a great place to list your products and increase your sales. When listing your products on Amazon, people from all around the world will visit them. [Source]

As of 2022, Amazon has 1.2 million employees and over 100.000 robots.

[Source: CNBC]

Amazon is the second company ever to hit the $1 trillion mark, after Apple.
Amazon is the most popular online store in the United States.

[Source: Statista]

Some Amazon warehouses ship over 1 million items a day.

[Source: Curbed]

Amazon earns 49 cents of every e-commerce dollar spent in the US.
Amazon is present in 14 countries and ships in more than 100 countries.

[Source: Amazon]

Inititally, Amazon was called “Cadabra” (as in “Abracadabra”).
Jeff Bezos quit his job in 1994 and launched Amazon out of his garage.

[Source: Fundable]

Most of Amazon merchants are from the United States.

38% of Amazon sellers are from USA.

That means there are over one million active American sellers. UK and Germany and respectively the second and third biggest countries, followed by Italy and France. [Source]

Negative feedback can harm your rankings

Even though Amazon's A9 algorithm ranking factors have never been shared publicly, it is widely known that neutral and negative feedback can seriously harm your product visibility.

The Bottom Line: More Positive Reviews = More Sales

Positive reviews have been shown to increase conversion rates, among many other benefits. Amazon reviews can be extremely beneficial for both product visibility and conversion rates.

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