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Social Media

What you MUST know before buying the Instagram Verification – Why people want it and how to become eligible

Introduction Possessing the coveted blue checkmark next to your username has become a status symbol that many users are striving for. This checkmark is perceived as a sign of prestige, authority, and credibility, and it can help to establish trust with your audience. However, before… 

What are the requirements to get verified on Instagram? How to become eligible for verification + Do’s & Dont’s with checklist

Verification on social media platforms like Instagram is a coveted achievement for many individuals and businesses. It signals a certain level of trustworthiness and success, providing an aura of authority on the platform. Furthermore, it assures users that the account they are viewing is authentic.… 

Ormosis - Guerrilla Marketing & Online Reputation Management
Ormosis – Guerrilla Marketing & Online Reputation Management